Sunday, June 18, 2017

Blogpost 15

Today I want to talk about two videos.
The first video "The Future of Energy". We have absolutely vital to find for alternatives to energy sources that occur due to climate changes. One of the problems is global warming. This video describes the use of natural resources such as water, sun and wind. Also, given that now there are so many opportunities to conserve energy or minimaze energe (such as home and car). Also we must recycle less of new material. We must use disposable products and less groundbreaking.  The environment will be grateful for us if we will  use energy more appliances that are evergy conservation. We  must FIND A SOLUTION.

The second video "Earth Rangers: Building a Greener Future."

It tells how to be aware of in the environment. They tell and show for children endangered species. 
They have a dauting  task, animals which live in the wild that are on the verge of extinction, they take to natural reserve. Then the video describes the changing weather patterns and about irreversible climate change and the dire consequences. We can use solar energy, they said. Next part of video talk for us about electric. Earth Rangers try to find solution. We must know how we use energy in facility and we needed better control of how we dispose of energy and save energy.

Blogpost 14

Outdoor summer, many people plan a trip, and waiting for the moment when he can board the plane and spend dream holiday and get away from it all.

Today, our topic will be "Black tourism".Many do not know what it means.
It means tourism that involves travelling to places associated with death and suffering.

Black tourism is when people who can afford the trip abroad want find highlight some trips and they find it. This is no ordinary trip as to the sea to sunbathe, go swimming, laze around, go on a usual excursion This trip will offer  a unique experiences. You will visit places that are associated with death and tragedy. For some who soak  the atmosphere up it is really good trip

This topic is very sad so I just want to share with you another topic.

                                              The Dark Side of Tourism
When we are making trip we have not thought to the fact that while we ruin someone trip.
The most important problem for me tourism is that people think that they are having to clean up. No! They simply do not litter! When we walk along the stunning, vibrant, beautiful city on the cobbled streets and see the remarkably diverse of architecture, we do not remember that there are people who make it clear that it was nice to see.
And nature I think that many who like to take a holiday, go to a travel agent, visit remote parts of the country where the unspoil nature  and here is unreal and beautiful plants and animals.

So let's keep beautiful places that they could continue to retain its charm.

Make your passport, get a visa, organize trips and just relax!!!!!

Blogpost 13

Hi my readers.
Today I want to share with you interesting information about a very interesting person. I will try not to miss the point.Danilo Galitsky (born 1201—died 1264), ruler of the principalities of Galicia and Volhynia (now in Poland and Ukraine, respectively), who became one of the most powerful princes in east-central Europe and who make useful contibutions. First, he is not take a seriouly but than local councils and residents attract support and defend him

Son of Prince Roman Mstislavich, Daniel was only four years old when his father, who had united Galicia and Volhynia, died when he fight a running battle against the Poles (1205). Not until 1221 did Daniel begin to overthrow other pretenders to Roman’s succession and assert his authority over Volhynia; and only in 1238 did he finally gain control of Galicia.  He really fight for his life.In 1245 in the fierce fighting of Yaroslavl Daniel Galician troops attacked the combined armies of the Hungarian and Polish lords and Galician boyars that ended nearly 40 years of struggle for the reunification of Galicia-Volynskohoknyazivstva and restore order. Daniel Galician army into battle on the Austrian throne hertsohzkyy and early 1250's.
Than he declare war and he put up a heroic fight agains with the Tatars. He was the first who is not afraid to go to war when war breaks out. It was a decisive battle. He battle raged very seriously. He hoped that they would retreat. But it is not managed to avert war.  Even if Daniel and had a commitment to peace, the Tatars were unwilling to compromise. He win war. Then he try to preserve peace.  He makes dramatical improvement in country. 

 Even he fail miserably he never lose one's nerve. 
After his death everyone enjoy the fruits of one's hard work but without Danilo everything go badly wrong.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Blogpost 12

Hello, it is morning edition with you,  
I think that this latest news just a little leaks out, so that I decide write about that.
I do not want to cover anything up from you, so today hit the headline some breaking news of Ostroh Academy.
This year's  largest sports and art event "Recreation - 2017" was held on 8 June attracted the attention of journalists. There was some sports program. They took part in the all departments and they need to give credit for to him. They were able to realize their ambitions
Needless to say,  that we detected team spirit in every department.
But I can make the point that each department is another family.
It emerged that final ceremony awarding the winners of the sports and gratuities headed by the rector of the National University "Ostroh Academy" Prof. Ihor Pasichnyk.
Tha anchors made it possible for everyone to support their departments. During the holiday we can hear greeting with different music programs and modern dance studio «SNF» gave the audience an amazing dance number.
 Head of Brotherhood students - Sergey Dorosh, stated clearly  that recreation is a sporting event which is the final stage of the sports contest "health." Six departments  competed for the first place in various competitions. But in the turn of events most surprised teachers.
Jury was critical of every teams. 
Everyone could enjoy success of team and the atmosphere. I can talk the team economics up.

It was truly a holiday emotions and health.
I hope that you are waiting for a evening edition. 

Be healthy. Do not be economical with the truth. And watch as a news develops.

Blogpost 11

Hello to all my readers.
In the world there are people who are well-off and people that are poor. 
Everyone understands that everything come at a price.

The Internet is a game called "Spent".
This is a very interesting game. First you have to find a job. Then you choose a job that'll pay. Then you have to pay for insurance currency. You can economize in this case. Then you have to find a place to live, the price depends on the distance from home to work. Then you offer some situations and you spend your money on it all. Sometimes it can be a low price, and sometimes high. And well, that is the day when for you pay your salary. These situations have a situation where you shop buy everything you need. You should be a thrifty.  Something is good value. But very often you tell yourself "I can't afford it! 
In this game you can keep track of your outgoing. 
I realized that I spend a lot of money for my child and that money doesn't grow on trees.

It is my fakebook:

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blogpost 10


As most of my readers is students so I decided to write a small booklet with recommendations

Wish you success.

Blogpost 9

Hello, my applicant

Today, I would like to put forward an idea for you. Everyone wants to get a good job, but sometimes have encounter difficulties with this.  So many people think that it is a hard act to follow but you have to believe in yourself. I can offer you a  job.
 Our travel company "Dream" offers you a job. We believe that with us you will have a promising career and your career will takes off. 
We have a rule while the dash is "Never give up"
The conditions are:

  • You will have part-time job.
  • You will master new skills
  • You will have new expirience in this work
  • We discuss salaries.
  • You can use the car
  • This is not a temporary job is a permanent job, and it is also demanding, hight-powered.
  •  You would not  have people that supervise work every day. When you complete work you will say and some person check it.
  • You will work flexitime

You must possess the following qualities:

  •  be motivated
  •  to be punctual
  •  willing to work hard
  • have an eye for detail
  • be a people person
  • be able to meet tight deadlines
  • have a good knowledge
  • don't worry about dauting task
  • keep calm under pressure
  • be good team player

We look forward to your application for job
Shortlist will be after 4 days on the official site.
Then you have to attend an interviews