Monday, April 24, 2017

Blogpost 7

Hi to all.
I think that everyone has or had a friend with whom they had never talked live. So let's imagine a meeting of two friends, one of them in the wedding today.
I hope you enjoy.
Thank you read this.

Blogpost 6

Hi everyone.

I hope that you are well and you are in high spirits.
Also, I hope that you will feel yourself inspired after reading my blogpost.
It is not the first time the theme of my post is "communication".
It is important for almost all people describe emotions and innermost thoughts.

Speaking of music videos, I want to say that I feel enthusiastic and fun and inspired when I watch this video. This is my favorite band.

Good review.
And good day to you.
Thank you for reading this.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Blogpost 5


How are you? I hope that everything is OKAY.I would like to raise up the subject "Communication".Now then, I want you to look at this picture.

 And here you can see some images about woman and their logic.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Blogpost 4

Good evening, audience.
Today I want to talk about what is really interesting. When one studies the language the more notes phonetics but the important point is also the origin of the word - for example from Latin or Greek. It is important to know this because when we see the word and see a prefix once we know the word a lot. Many say that Latin and Greek is a dead language - but it's not because they are built with many other words - they are still alive. Also many biographies and manuscripts written in these languages, and if you find a motive for reading this it would be unrealistic to cool and you would have an unforgettable experience.
Thus the process of improving your vocabulary will be faster.
Good luck to you in the study.

If you have questions, write in the comments.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blogpost 3

Hello my dear friend.I know that now you are learning English and probably something I want to tell you now will be very useful for you. First I'll talk about some sites where you can improve your vocabulary.If you have important context words you really like Here you can find many examples of how the word is used. you can see which words you can use words or abbreviations. I like to use the most If you have a few minutes and you do not want to work on something, but it is certainly teach English then you here. While playing you can learn how to used the word, its meaning. This is easy to remember because there visualization.I also frequently use Very convenient when you read some text on the Internet in a language that you learn and you have installed this application, when you move your mouse on the word - definition appears immediately.

nglish-vocabulary/567 It may improve your speaking, writing, thinking.

Blogpost 2

1.       First video was about "How to use your dictionary to build your vocabulary" - James ESL.
Very important thing is know your dictionary.
A) you must know what type of dictionary you may use, if you advanced - get prescriptive and of you're new - use descriptive.
B) phonetic or syllable. phonetic - means you're going to need the International Phonetic Alphabet. Syllable - which means they will break the word into units with a syllable.
Also, we must remember that if we learning vocabulary:
•is know when you seen.
•know when you heart it.
•know how to say it.
•understand what it means.

C) what part of speech(nouns,verbs, adjective, adverbs, etc)
D) other possible forms (adverbs -+ly/plural -+s)

◦ Tips:look up words you heart, then look at the words above, below to understand prefixes. 2 randomly take 2 or 3 and try to make sentence (use rules)

2.       Oil teach us some useful study-habits and how to use dictionary effective. 1) use a monolingual dictionary. 2) don't use dictionary all the time. 3) A dictionary cannot be your teacher. 4) find right dictionary for you. 5) not everything can be translated.

3.       Using dictionary don't means that you only must find and read definition, also means that you can consider the context of the word(ideas surrounding the word).
Therefore you must look carefully enough always give two or three sweeps.
Also you can search in Wikipedia. Some time your word cannot be on dictionary because word are new.
4.       Longman dictionary if contemporary English give very good collocation for writing and also example sentences.

Spelling mistake I often repeat, it is that I write a piece "To" wherever is required. And it is very clear difficulties in pronunciation of sounds [θ] and [ð] (think / this)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Blogpost 1

If you are motivated not enough and you want to have active vocabulary you must read this blogpost.
Everyone makes mistakes and everyone have method how to correct mistakes. You for time to time must do revision of your knowledge, for example, do different exercises in textbooks or take tests online and than to make a list of on what to pay attention after a while.
The first step is to ask for a reasonable purpose. First you work on your knowledge, and knowledge will works for you.
We turn to different techniques of how to build your vocabulary .
1. Read. When you read, you can guess what the word means by context and letter find a definition and translate it. (But there are two disadvantages of technology - it's pronunciation, meaning, and others)
2.Flashcards. This will help you to repeat the words that you learned or taught.
3. Communication. Now on the Internet you can use social networks with different people. You can find someone,  who will indicate the mistakes and if appropriate a word use and so will you keep up with the times.
4 Method associations. Our mind stores information better when there are certain factors such as pictures, sounds and emotions.
5 Audiobook. If you spend much time on the road you can download on the device lesson of vocabulary. (Like tutorial) selection of audiobooks is very large.
6 Videos on YouTube. When you see some specific video bloggers and carefully listen to their text your vocabulary may also increase.
And as you read all of the text with the methods then here's a little motivation.
You have to make a choice and decision- you want to learn the language or not. If you will make an effort during the study - you are make a progress. Everyone was start of method by trial and error.
Do your best I believe in you. By studying the language - you do not cause yourself harm, but rather do themselves a favor in the future. Do not just do your homework and fight for dream and inspire. Who said it's impossible?